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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  September 23, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that sleeps every night with cucumbers on its eyes, not slices, but whole cucumbers. i'm glad you're up with us this morning. tweet me at williegeist1 and let me know why you're awake right now. or text awake to 622639. a lot to tell you about today, including incredibly strong allegations made by joint chiefs chairman mike mullen that pakistan spy agency aided the terrorist that attacked the u.s. embassy in afghanistan last week. plus -- >> you could take herman cain
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and made him up with newt gingrich win think you would have a couple of really interesting guys to work with. >> it provides context to rick perry's proposal to make up herman cain and newt gingrich. but first let's get to the news, live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. the overseas markets are reacting this morning after a brutal day yesterday on wall street. fears of everything from a manufacturing slowdown to the federal reserve's grim economic outlook sparked a global sell-off. the dow opened sharply lower and never moved into positive territory yesterday. tumbling more than 500 points at its lows. but the blue chip index staged a bit of a recovery. finishing the day down 391 points or 3.5%. today's "wall street journal" summing up the session with this headline, a banner headline, markets swoon on recession fears worldwide distress rises as investors seek futility of governments and central banks.
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for a preview, let's go live to london with becky mian. an ugly today yesterday. how are we doing this morning? t. has been an ugly day, hasn't it? let's put it into that context. in two days we've seen the s&p down by over 7%. now, that has spread right around the globe. it's been the case across asia and europe in the past couple of day as well. today, europe at least is getting a little bit of respite. let's take a check of the european markets. the ftse is managing to move up by nearly 2%. the cac, a major french index is moving down by 0.1%. markets here in europe just beginning to stabilize by a tiny fraction. several big fears stalking the markets worldwide. plenty of them to bring to your attention. the first thing that really has spooked investors is what the federal reserve had to say earlier this week.
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they talked about significant downside risks to the global economy. that has really frightened some investors. we all knew things were difficult, right? maybe the fed has just brought those difficulties into focus. also the greek debt default fears of a double-dip recession and manufacturing slowdown that we've seen in some of the days in europe and china as well. plenty to worry about. back to you. >> it's clear to me while we're seeing green economic arrows up this morning, because it's your birthday. becky meehan, happy birthday to you. the world markets reacting to that news. >> thank you very much. the house narrowly passed a bill to keep the government funded through mid-november. the republican-authored measure is expected to set up another showdown which could lead to a government shutdown. they passed along party lines, it increase s funding for disaster relief. it also increases cuts to a
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controversial alternative energy loan program that gave money to the troubled solar energy company solyndra. senate democrats who wanted more disaster aid and fewer cuts have vowed to reject this measure, leaving open as i said, the possibility of a shutdown if no resolution is reached by next friday. it's scheduled to go out of session today at 1:00 is congress. looks like they'll have to stay longer to iron this one out. now to the 2012 race, republican presidential hopefuls descending on florida this week. last night in orlando, the entire field squared off for the fox news google debate with rick perry leading most recent national polls. the texas governor was repeatedly pressed by his fellow candidates, in particular, of course, former massachusetts governor mitt romney continued to hammer perry on his comments that social security should be turned back to the states. >> it's not the first time that
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mitt's been wrong on issues before. and the bottom line is, we never said we were going to move this back to the states. >> it's different than what the governor put in his book, just what six months ago. there's a rick perry out there saying that it almost, quote, it says, that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business, that it's unconstitutional. unconstitutional and it should be returned to the states. you better find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that. >> speaking of books and talking about being able to have things in your books and back and forth and your economic adviser talked about romney care and how that was an absolute bust and it was exactly what obama care was all about. as a matter of fact, between books your hard copy book you said that it was exactly what the american people needed to have that romney care given to them as you had in massachusetts. then in your paperback, you took that line out.
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so speaking of not getting it straight in your book, sir, that would be a good example. >> governor perry? governor perry, we were talking about social security but if you want to talk about health care, i'll be happy to do that. >> we are going to have a round on health care. >> i wrote a book and said no such thing. >> rick perry said this is kind of like badminton. some candidates accuse governor pery of being too soft on border security, questioning his signing of the texas dream act that gives tuition breaks to children of illegal immigrants. >> there is nobody on this stage who has spent more time working on border security than i have. for a decade i've been the governor of a state with a 1,200-mile border with mexico. if you say we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than
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they've been brought there by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> msnbc and "time" magazine's senior political analyst mark halperin graded the candidates performance. romney an "a," santorum a b plus, rick perry scoring near the bottom of the list with a "c." some observers said governor perry seemed like he was losing steam toward the end of the debate. strategist mike murphy who has been entertaining all of us with his tweets wrote, wow, that last perry bit was painful. looked like the great walinda trying to cross the high wire after a three-day bender. michael steele thinks the field could change. he tweeted tier 2 candidates
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scored tonight, especially huntsman, santorum and others. president obama appeared at the brett spence bridge. the president rallied support for his jobs proposal and once again called on raynes to pass the bill. >> the bridge behind us, just happens to connect the state that's home to the speaker of the house with -- with the home state of the republican leader in the senate. now, that's just a coincidence. but part of the reason i came here is because mr. boehner and mr. mcconnell, those are the two
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most powerful republicans in government. they can either kill this jobs bill or they can help pass this jobs bill. there's no reason for republicans in congress to stand in the way of more construction projects. there's no reason to stand in the way of more jobs. mr. boehner, mr. mcconnell, help us rebuild this bridge. help us rebuild america. help us put construction workers back to work. pass this bill! >> strengthening infrastructure is one of the four components as you know of the president's proposal to create jobs. it includes payroll tax cuts, tax incentives for hiring employees and extending unemployment benefits. boehner and mcconnell both responded to the president, questioning the motivation behind his appearance at that bridge. >> now is not the time for the president to go into campaign mode. earlier this week, the white house said that governing, the governing phase is behind them.
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i think for the sake of american families and small businesses who are struggling, i certainly hope this isn't so. >> president obama may think the best way to distract people from the challenges we face is to stand near a bridge in a swing state and pit one group of americans against another. and hope his critics look good if they don't go along with him. i don't think he's fooling anybody. and in washington, the house energy and commerce committee will hold a hearing to investigate the $535 billion government loan given to the now bankrupt solar energy manufacturer solyndra. their executives are scheduled to appear at the hearing but are not expected to answer any of the committee's questions, exercising their fifth amendment rights there. pakistan's foreign minister is now lashing out at united states officials after testimony made by outgoing chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen.
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linking pakistan's spy agency, isi to a terror network behind recent attacks on american interests in afghanistan. >> the network for one acts as an arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency. with isi support, operatives planned and conducted that truck bomb attack as well as at salts on our embassy. >> choosing to use violent extremism as an instrument of policy, the government of pakistan and most especially the pakistani army and isi jeopardizes not only the prospect of our strategic partnership but pakistan's opportunity to be a respected nation with legitimate regional influence. >> that is a heavy charge admiral mullen referring to the september 13th assault on the u.s. embassy in kabul. he accused pakistan of using the terror network behind the attack to expand their influence in afghanistan. pakistani officials deny any
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involvement or connection to the group, saying the u.s. risks losing pakistan as an ally if it continues to criticize the war against militancy carried out by pakistan. mahmoud abbas and bench anyone netanyahu will both address the united nations general assembly. this comes as abbas shows no signs of backing down for full u.n. statehood, a move that the u.s. plans to veto. abbas is expected to offer his membership application as early as today. again, the u.s. expected to veto. still ahead on "way too early," after a week of international hand wringing, jon stewart comes up with a solution. we'll show you the clip that just might bring peace in our time. plus, the st. louis cardinals with an epic ninth inning choke. what's worse, it was a choke to the mets who honestly are barely a professional team at this point. the night in baseball and check
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bill karins who's home with his new baby girl. >> it's going to be a gloomy weekend. let's start first with the big story, heavy rains on through the weekend. the next two days we could see 2 to 4 inches of rain, anywhere from d.c. up to new york. eastern pennsylvania around philly, could see 4 to 5 inches of rain. flood watch in effect there. rains not going just yet. the clouds are out there and fog obviously in d.c. and new york. the rains come in this afternoon. once they get going, rain chances all weekend long. lower 70s out there, a muggy pat western storm chances in the afternoon. mid-atlantic, northeast wet. all day today and on through the weekend. the dry weather is out west saturday, 78, thunderstorms in d.c. no fun, willie. sorry about that. >> the east coast looks brutal. yankees and rays wrapping up their four-game series. the yankees have clinched the division. this is all about the rays having a chance to make municipal ground against boston.
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the red sox had the night off. bartolo colon, first inning, he loses his balance. he's a big man. went down a little bit. he gave up five runs in the first two innings. in the third, ben zobrist connects for a two-run shot. the rays crush the yankees, 15-8, avoiding a four-game sweep and paeking up a half game on boston in the wild card. the other team in contention for the wild card, the los angeles angels in toronto taking on the blue jays. a tie game in the got o the 12th inning. the jays edward encarnacion launches a solo home run. bluejays with a walkoff 4-3 win, a tough loss for the angels who had a chance to pick up ground on the red sox. here's a look at the wild card standings right now. tampa bay, two back of boston. angels fall to three back. the red sox start a three-game series against the yankees tonight. as you heard ryan just say, it will be raining all weekend.
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interesting to see how they get those three in. toronto, the angels taking on oakland. it's a victory, barnicle says they're not playing the red sox. the cardinals entered the day a game and a half behind the braves. the card with a chance to cut the lead to one game. boy do they choke this one off. pujols making the case for mvp. fifth inning, he crushes it. capuano here. cards up 6-2. all you have to do is finish off the hapless mets. furcal can't handle the easy double-play balls. that would lead to a bases loaded walk. jose reyes makes them pay. single over the head of the second baseman, scoring another run. suddenly the mets are only down two. next batter, ruin tejada. a hit to left. two more runs score. the game is tied at six. you have to have this win card.
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slater, willie harris completes the cardinal collapse. the left-handed hitter, a two-run single to right. cardinals lose a game they could not lose. 8-6 was the final. they were up 6-2 coming into the ninth inning. st. louis hosts a three-game series against the cubs, braves take on the nationals. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," the republican debate, rick perry, mitt romney stood center stage. everybody else looked like window dressings. we hear from gary johnson, the guy who sneaked into the debate when someone left the stage door unlocked. once he was in, though, he got off one of the lines of the night. "way too early" is coming back. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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i think the fact that he doesn't want to build a fence web gave in a speech in 2001 where he talked about buy national health insurance between mexico and texas. i don't even think barack obama would be for buying national health insurance. i think he's weak on this issue of american sovereignty and protecting our borders and not being a magnet for illegal immigration. >> former pennsylvania senator
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rick santorum going after rick perry. if you want seem smart today, tell your friends 11.2 million illegal immigrants were in the u.s. last year, down from 12 million in 2007. heads hear the newcomer to the republican debate field get ofg the line of the night. there was not a security breach on stage. the man you didn't recognize, goes by the name of gary johnson. not pictured there. he's the former governor of new mexico, a libertarian and late add to the debate. not pictured there either. johnson made his mark and a google trend with this line about the white house and its so-called shovel-ready jobs. >> now, i'm not asking for your jobs plan here. what i'm asking for is how are you going to turn this country around?
5:55 am
>> my next door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration. >> you just made your neighbor's dog very famous. >> gary johnson, very pleased with himself after that joke. huh, huh? did you hear that? it was good. the candidates were asked which member of the field sitting on the stage next to them would they choose as a running mate. rick perry just couldn't choose betwe between two. >> i don't know how you would do this but if you would take herman cain and meet him up with newt gingrich, i think you'd have a couple of really interesting guys to work with.
5:56 am
>> there are a couple of images i'm going to have a hard time getting out of my mind. that's one and gary johnson's dogs are the other. i'll tell you. >> he wants to mate them up, doesn't? he quickly, one more for you. jon stewart offered a solution to this nagging question of palestinian statehood. >> and the real issue isn't really the chair or the application as with any good co-op. it's getting past that one hard ass on the co-op board who doesn't like dogs. >> peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. ultimately, it's the israelis and palestinians who must reach agreements on the issues that divide them. >> all you need to do is settle your differences with israel. i have an idea, maybe this will make it more palatable. have you thought about a
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